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We structure a model to work for you
Requirements Planning
All software initiatives start with defining objectives, milestones and timelines. We proactively work with stakeholders and SME's to ferret out and refine project substance including critical nuance that form a tangible.

Design & Specification
A thorough specification underwrites predictable software quality, cost and timeline. A spec preempts assumptions and errant expectations. Design and specs are balanced in extent and detail to assigned programming talent skills.

Programming Talent
Programming is taught globally on average K1 through K12, then refined as a university staple. Most coding regardless of language isn't rocket science. But it does require direction and discipline.

Balancing The Cost of a Result
Local programmers that can provide insightful design thru implementation are valuable and pricey. Alternatively, global programmers are accountable based on a good spec and insightful management at a fraction of the cost.

Local and Global
We qualify local and global resources based on the practical scope of the specification. When programming is extensive and defined, global provides a better value. Less definition or short interations are usually best local.

Managed Resources
Many applications are similar, many are unique. Platforms and languages vary, the talent mix may be shallow to deep, timelines tight to relaxed. We assign individuals and customize teams appropriate to the task.

Longevity   Foresight   Support   Context
To preserve longevity, value and to advance lower TCO, software elements need insightful selection then designed from inception to be responsibly supported. We have developed systems over 30 years ago still in use today, a result of foresight and lasting architecture.

Objectives Planning
& Consulting

Application & Process
Design & Strategy

Optimize Resources,
Environment & Methods

Software Development,
Management & Integration

Validation, Verification,
Compliance & Review

Implementation & Training

Structure Packaging
& Distribution

Software, Help Desk
& Dynamic Goals Support

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