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Web Applications
Responsive UI design and development for website and web application desktop and mobile integrated with internal and external data sources and services.
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Design & Specification
All software initiatives start with defining objectives, milestones and timelines. A thorough specification underwrites predictable software resources, cost and timeline. The spec defines the platform.

Custom User Interfaces
Well designed web applications can be a practical, portable replacement for rigid desktop and mobile GUIs. Easily designed and customized with CSS, HTML and JavaScript optimized for specific purposes.

Database Access / JSON
We've developed near universal website and web application JSON interfaces without framework dependencies that access data across common platforms and databases as well as to/from some obscure backend legacy languages.

Appropriate Hosting
Website or webapp hosting can be simple and inexpensive or extensive as determined by the application. Windows or Linux, we will provide unbiased guidance for the appropriate platform and support.

SEO, Analytics & Performance
Attract and evaluate traffic. Websites supported with analytics, SEO, ad words, knowledge panels, social links, reviews and activity logs to assess customer product and service interests with intelligence.

Objectives Planning
& Consulting

Application & Process
Design & Strategy

Optimize Resources,
Environment & Methods

Software Development,
Management & Integration

Validation, Verification,
Compliance & Review

Implementation & Training

Structure Packaging
& Distribution

Software, Help Desk
& Dynamic Goals Support

• Based in the Chicago metro area
• Global implementations
• Remote support
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